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At the end of 2018 we were at the office planning out our key activities for 2019. One of the main ideas was to start our video blog or channel on Youtube. Why? Because video is the preferred way of consuming content.

Yet, we’ve been procrastinating – BIG time. Six months to be precise. How can you delay something that you understand to be one of the key things to do in order to grow the business? Well, if you have too few employees and you’re incapable of delegating some tasks, and the company is growing fast. Or you have too many side projects that are taking away your attention and time (note: TokenizEU).

But it’s not all there is. It’s also the fact that you usually tend to procrastinate on things that are unpleasent, difficult, out of ordinary, or expose you to something new, like being on the video. It’s uncomfortable.

Most people don’t like to watch themselves on video. For us, it’s quite gruesome as well – the accent, poor production quality ( ok, no production whatsoever), so on and so forth.

BUT, we decided to just get started. The intro video is here, filmed in my car. Time to enter into Youtube/Instagram era (though couple of years late).

The first episode of our Youtube channel