Company Incorporation

  • Online company registration via e-Residency card
  • Legal entity in European Union and Eurozone
  • Simple, LLC company structure
  • Legal address and contact person from one place
  • Remote administration
  • No hidden costs

Tax and compliance

  • Paperless, online accounting
  • Sales Invoicing Software
  • Tax reporting and compliance with EU regulations
  • 100% remote company administration
  • No need for previous experience
  • Tax risk monitoring
  • Debtor control


  • Introduction to the best banks in Estonia
  • Application and decision made without visiting Estonia
  • Introduction to the best digital banks and Fintech solutions
  • MasterCard or VISA issued by our partner banks
  • Safe online banking

Business advisory

  • Online mentorship and accountability
  • Time management
  • Strategy sessions
  • Company processes and marketing systems

Legal advisory

  • Tax law
  • Commercial law
  • Competition law
  • IPR law


  • ICO advisory (token sale terms, investor agreements, token design)
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange licenses
  • Financing blockchain projects
  • Implementing token economy within a company
  • Promotion of blockchain projects in Chinese speaking blockchain community
  • We accept ETH/BTC payments

Financial Advisory

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting future scenarios
  • Financing plans and roadmaps
  • Profit forecasts
  • Future money flow and balance
  • Diversification, classification, and optimization of the costs
  • Explaining the data of the financial reports to the management
  • Creating risk scenarios