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Miniseries: The fastest way to raise your level of performance

Cut your number of commitments in half.  Busy mind and busy calendar means you don’t have time to focus, reflect, adjust or improve. Busy mind can’t create new world-changing innovations.

Focus sparks creativity. A lot of deep work can only be done with a laser focus. If you have a lot of commitments, you can’t focus, at least not properly. 

When we think about why we haven’t built a bigger business or haven’t achieved some of the goals we wanted, it’s due to number of commitments we’ve taken on ourselves.

To cut your commitments, you need to choose the things that you’re going to go after, and forget the rest. 

This brings us back to the previous Miniseries article about investing in people. You need people around you to delegate things that have to be done, but should not be done by you.