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Miniseries: Sell the Main Course

Some business ideas aren’t worth going after because there’s no money-making opportunity. 

For example, a lot of online businesses are built around some feature of another product – apps for Gmail, apps for Mailchimp, apps for any other popular product. It’s very rare that these apps have a potential of becoming a big business. Most of the time, they won’t generate much money. These apps are starters or a dessert to the main course. And the main course is the money maker. 

One of the services we provide is incorporation of Estonian companies. If we would build a tool which helps to choose the name for the company, no one would pay for that. It’s not the main course, and it’s pretty low on the value chain. 

When you’re starting your business, try to map-out the value chain. Make sure the product you’re building is the main course, as otherwise it’s likely not a good money-making opportunity.