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Miniseries: Increasing the value of your offer

A lot of marketing money is wasted if the product or service that you offer is not compelling enough. 

No copy, marketing idea, campaign, or approach can help you if you don’t offer something that’s valuable. Putting together an attractive offer is the first thing you should do when you’re planning to launch a marketing campaign. 

How can you make the purchase to be a no-brainer? How can you lower the barrier of entry so much that the prospects feel dumb if they don’t jump on that offer?

There are ways to increase the value of the core offering by adding bonuses. For example, if you’re selling an accounting service, you may want to add a bonus of free “sales breakdown report” (which can be exported from the accounting program without a big hassle) each month, a free tax – risk analysis every quarter, or a free PDF of “Profit First” system, or any other PDFs, videos, etc – things that increase the value of your offering, but don’t require a big time or financial investment on your part. 

Think how you can make your offer more valuable, and then make a killing with it.