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Remember Blackberry?

Blackberry was the best and the most popular smartphone in the market. It was a status symbol.

Blackberry’s biggest value add was the security. It was a secure phone. They emphasised security the most. This is what the businesspeople wanted.


The marketplace started to want apps. But it was 3-4 times more expensive to make an app for Blackberry than it was for iOS or Android operation systems.


Because of the security. 

Marketplace changed and it flipped the coin for the Blackberry. Blackberry’s value-add was security, but then it became a non value-add.

The security became a liability.

The lesson.

Every day you have to look at how to create more value add activities in your business. Every single day. You have to know what’s relevant to your clients.

And if you want to have more time to perform value adding activities you have to have better processes. Scalable and efficient businesses are built on good processes.

Getting better is not getting better at what you do. Getting better is having more time to do things that you’re good at.

If you do this constantly, and you constantly ask what are your customer problems and you keep finding solutions, you will always be top of the game. Once you stop concentrating on your customer problems, your strengths might become your liabilities.

Don’t be Blackberry.

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