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For Elite Group Of E-Residents

Zero To Scale


Zero To Scale is a unique software for Accounting, Banking & Growing your company. All clients get access to automated monthly accounting, banking marketplace with more than 60 banks and fintechs, and Growth Accelerator to build your business.

350€ + VAT (on-boarding)

  • Estonian Company incorporation and state fee included
  • Accounting & Tax Compliance
  • Banking Marketplace (60+ banks and fintechs)
  • Growth Accelerator (tools, assignments, consultations)
  • Tutorials & Guides
  • Legal documents template catalog

You Will Get

Estonian Company Registration

The on-boarding fee includes incorporation and a state fee payment of the Estonian company. The registration of the Estonian company takes 1-2 business days. We onboard single and multi shareholder companies, as well as Public Limited Companies.

Accounting & Tax Compliance

During the onboarding, we’ll provide you a 30-minute consultation where we go through your accounting needs and compliance requirements. Your monthly custom subscription includes accounting and tax reporting.

Banking Marketplace

You’ll have access to 60 + banks and fintechs to find the perfect banking option. We have overviews, popularity scores, fee structures, and contact information for all the banks and fintechs. Our software also has direct integrations with TransferWise & Revolut APIs.

Growth Accelerator

Growth Accelerator provides access to planning and productivity tools, helps you to lay down your company strategy, set daily target values, client acquisition channels, marketing campaigns, and measure your progress. It’s about learning and self-development and becoming an expert entrepreneur who can make money in all economic environments.

Zero to Scale – Unique Software To Manage Your Business

Zero to Scale includes:

  • Company incorporation
  • Custom subscription based on your needs
  • Accounting & Tax compliance ( including APIs with Fintechs)
  • Annual report included
  • Legal address & Contact person service included
  • Banking Marketplace with more than 60 banks and Fintechs.
  • Growth Accelerator with assignments, videos & worksheets
  • Cancel anytime


  • Legal documents catalog
  • 30-minute tax consultation during on-boarding
  • E-Residency Tutorials

Zero To Scale is made for e-Residents looking to succeed on a global scale.


A Radically Better e-Residency Experience

Estonian company and the e-Residency is a great way to start and run your online business. With the Zero to Scale, we’re simplifying the company management even further while helping you to become an expert entrepreneur. Zero to Scale is a game changer for e-Residents looking to succeed on a global scale.


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