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This post is not an expression of political views or an invitation to have any discussion about political views. To be frank, we really don’t care about your political views. Instead, we’ll try to have a hypothetical case of tokenizing a political party. I have to add that we have limited knowledge of how a political party operates (intrinsically), so we’re not attempting to create a very detailed and implementable solution with this example. We are also not taking into account any regulatory restrictions that may apply. However, we would be very interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas on how we could use blockchain to make the politics better — hypothetically.

There’s a lot of political nonsense and turmoil both in the US and in the EU currently. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen people being so passionate about politics. There are many people who have tied their whole identities to the political views they represent, so essentially, it’s impossible to disagree with them on politics, but still, have a normal conversation. There’s also a big gap between the people and the governments (or governing institutions like the European Union parliament). A lot of misunderstanding, dissatisfaction, labelling, identity politics and unease, coupled with the ever-widening wealth cap, which in turn breeds more and more dissatisfaction and hopelessness. We already have enough crap to worry about in our own lives, and now it seems the whole society is on a brink of disaster, or at least on a brink of some sort of serious collision and conflict, which will eventually be solved by force (Apologies for the dark and depressive view on things. It’s not a prediction of future events, it’s just how we perceive the current state of things.)

While the politics and the social system is a wide topic and blockchain technology can’t fix it all, it could definitely be useful, at least in theory, when it comes to funding and the governance of the political parties. Could we create more transparency in the shady funding shenanigans of the politics? How about the inclusion of the voters? After all, at least in Europe, a lot of people feel that the politicians live in a whole different realm than they do, and don’t give a crap about what the average folk thinks either.

We started to wonder whether there’s a way to use the blockchain technology to change the funding and the governance of a political party. Could it be a real and transparent democracy? It’s definitely an interesting proposition, at least the way we see it.

First, let’s take fundraising. Read on from Medium.

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