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Tokenize & Launch Method

We provide legal documentation & framework for companies looking to tokenize their debt and raise capital.

Tokenize & Launch Method includes

  • Company incorporation in Estonia
  • Tokenization Consultation
  • Licensing requirement analysis
  • Drafting offering agreements & legal documentation.
  • Risk warnings and Privacy Policy.

The service is suitable for:

  • Companies who want to tokenize debt.
  • Capital raises of up to 2,5m €.

Why debt and not equity?

Tokenizing equity is more complex due to limitations on transferring shares of the Estonian company, which has to be done through using the services of the Estonian notary. This will make the change of ownership of the equity tokens complicated and inefficient process.

Price for the whole package: 14 000€ – 20 000€

Additional services as per client request:


Crypto licensing

AML Officer


Offers higher than 2,5m€?

Offers higher than 2,5m€ require drafting and registering a prospectus with the Estonian authorities. While doable, it’s likely that the authorities will not approve the prospectus if the company does not have operations in Estonia, and the Estonian entity is only used as a SPV (special purpose vehicle) for raising capital. While we’re ready to help you with this request, the pricing of such legal support is given on request.

How much time it will take?

In general it takes around 3-4 weeks to deliver a full set of legal documents for token issuance.  We’ll agree to a specific time before committing to a project together with the client.

Why Estonia?

Estonia is one of the most innovative countries in the world, cost-efficient, has low bureaucracy, specific crypto licenses, and is part of the European Union.

Do you accept tokens?

Depends on each individual case, but it’s unlikely.

Do you accept a success fee?

There’s always a base fee associated with our services. Success fee may be agreed after evaluating the project.

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