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It’s time for another write-up of the best articles we read this week.

For me, these articles are probably the most value-packed we publish.

Because we share the wisdom of other people who have reached the highs in the business world we still aspire to.

And you may find some podcasts or blogs you’ll become a fan of.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

100 Most Useful Productivity Tips

Yes, productivity, again. It’s something we often include to our weekly articles. Because it’s important. When you start a business, things will get out of hand quickly. There will be too many things to do. And productivity will become something you have to be obsessed with. Otherwise, forget your family life or any social life.

Read the article here.

Writing Better Microcopy

This article is about short sentences and placeholders on your website. Of course, you have to test everything and find out what converts best for you, but the article has great examples of how to make your website feel more personal to your visitors and clients.

Read the article here.

Viral Effects And Network Effects

The last article this week comes from the NfX blog. We’ve shared articles from them before, probably in each of these weekly issues, but they’re worth a read. This time, the article is about the differences of viral effects and network effects, and why it’s important to understand the difference.

Viral effects are not network effects.