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Another week has passed and it’s time to review the best articles we read this week.

I have to confess, the articles we read tend to be on the same topics – business, marketing, psychology, etc. Very rarely I read something out of that scope. That being said, let’s jump right in!

Fundrise on Not Boring Substack

No article on Not boring blog sucks. They’re all well written, backed by research, and give you insights into companies and industries that are being analyzed. Same with this one. Fundrise is a platform for investing in real estate. If nothing else, there’s an entertainment value to read this.

US-China Relations & Wars By Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio publishes a series of essays on LinkedIn, which are all carefully crafted. About the rise and fall of empires, money and credit cycles, and it’s pure wisdom. I would suggest you to start reading from Chapter 1, but prepare to invest serious time into doing it. These are long articles, but the education you’ll get will explain how the world works. Read Chapter 7 about US and China relations and wars here.

Break Bad Habits

Habits are what determine how we live. What time we get up, how we work, how we eat. Human is a creature of habit. It’s super complicated to get rid of bad habits, and it’s as complicated to implement new habits into our daily routines. Unless…we really enjoy the habit. But as with most good things in life, they require work and aren’t enjoyable. At least not at first. With that said, check out this article about breaking bad habits and making better new ones.