What our clients say about Comistar.

  • Anu Huusko

    Translatiom Global, CEO
    Comistar has been an invaluable help in the Estonian market. You can sense their service - oriented attitude at the first point of contact. While most service providers just asked me to read their website, Comistar took the time to answer to each question that I had. Our co-operation has lasted for years now with no intention change.

  • Song Ping

    Capital Spirits, CEO
    Comistar has helped me a lot with the compliance and necessary procedures. In addition, they put me in touch with relevant business contacts in Estonia, so it has been a very good relationship thus far.

  • Ronny Hertell

    PMG, CEO
    It's been a pleasure to work with Comistar. Always on time, ready to help and take the extra step. With their help I built my business to six figures in 4 months.
  • Henri Suutari

    Belmont interactive OÜ
    Comistar has been great. Timely and knowledgeable support from the start. I would recommend Comistar to all e-residents looking to setup in Estonia!

  • Hubert Krawczyk

    Bizzaria DARB OÜ
    Comistar has been indispensable in getting us off the ground quickly in Estonia. They helped us to set up the company, provided legal analysis for our White Paper and obtained financial services licenses for the new company - everything completed in about 30 day period. Absolutely top service provider we’ve worked with in any country.

  • Nic Williams

    Technical Director
    When our multi-country taxation grew too complex for our previous advisor, Comistar provided the requisite advice. Right from our first contact, they replied swiftly, and we quickly took the decision to migrate all our central accounting procedures to their care. We look forward to continuing to build our business with their support.