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Tax & Legal Services

Tax & Legal Services

Our legal team has advised multimillion-euro exits, cross-border mergers, international tax structures, as well as simple employment agreements and company incorporations. No request is too big or small.

Price On Request

  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Funding & Tokenization
  • Stock Option Plans
  • Investment Agreements
  • Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy (GDPR)
  • Tax Advisory

Other Company Services

Shareholder Agreements

We always advise multi shareholder companies to have shareholder agreements in place to govern the relationships between the founders. This will help to avoid disputes and navigate the difficulties that different opinions can bring in the future.

Funding & Tokenization

Whether you’re looking for traditional funding or innovative solutions such as tokenization, there are a number of nuances to take into account. We’ll provide a whole legal setup to go through the funding process. Read about Tokenize & Launch Method by clicking below. 

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Website Legal Documentation

Your clients have to know the terms of using your services, and it’s mandatory for every website to have a privacy policy detailing how the data of the client is processed and stored. Zero to Scale has sample documents for our subscribers, and we draft custom documentation for clients according to their specific needs.

Tax Advisory

We advise our clients on both Estonian and international taxation matters, including CFC rules and permanent establishment. All clients who onboard with Zero to Scale can discuss their tax situation during the initial 30-minute free consultation.

A Radically Better e-Residency Experience

Estonian company and the e-Residency is a great way to start and run your online business. With Zero to Scale, we’re simplifying the company management even further while helping you to become an expert entrepreneur. Zero to Scale is a gamechanger for e-Residents looking to succeed on a global scale.



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