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Registering for the VAT

As an e-Resident, you can log on to the Estonian e-tax office and give rights to your bookkeeper (to submit the monthly declarations), as well as apply for the VAT number. It’s not complex, but requires some hustle.

Step one.

Go to the tax office webpage:
On the top right-hand corner you can see the log-in button.

Please enter the e-Tax Board/e-Customs as a private customer.

Once you’re in, you can see a menu button called “Contract and settings” – please choose the subheading “Inquiry on the right of representation from the Commercial Register”.

The system should open a list of companies whom you are representing (you need to be a board member of a company to see the list).

Choose a company on whose name you want to conclude a contract, and press the button “Conclude a contract”.

For the conclusion of a contract please press the button “I agree”

The conclusion of a contract should automatically include the right to administer powers, i.e. the possibility to grant access rights for other users (accountants, customs agents, etc.) to the e-Tax Board/e-Customs services.

Step two.

You will probably need to log out and then log in again: when you log back in to e-tax office, be sure to enter as the representative of your company. The system should grant you such option.

Choose “Contract and settings” > “Administration of powers”.

To give the authorization, you are asked to enter the personal identification code:

Here enter the Estonian identification code and choose Administration of powers, also accounting package and the power called “KMKR avalduse esitamine” (“Submission of VAT applications”).

You can also add your accountant there, and give him or her the accounting package rights – then you do not have to come back and do it separately. You will need your accountant’s identification code.

Step three.

After that you will probably need to log out and in again – like with any modern and state of the art software – and choose “Registers” > “VAT register” > “New application” > “Application for registration as a person liable to VAT”.

Once this is done, you’re all set. As long as you can justify your need for the Estonian VAT number, you should get it.

NB! Please note that once you apply for the VAT, you should have an accountant to submit your monthly declarations, otherwise your VAT number may be revoked after few months of not submitting your declarations properly.