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Other Company Services

Company Services

Comistar helps clients with numerous company services like increasing share capital, obtaining apostilled documents, the formation of the company without the e-Residency card, and other relevant services for entrepreneurs opening and managing an Estonian company.

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  • Company registration without the e-Residency card
  • Adding / Removing Shareholders
  • Other notarial acts
  • Raising company share capital and issuing new shares
  • Obtaining apostilled / notarized company documentation
  • Virtual office & Contact Person service separate to Zero to Scale

Other Company Services

Company Registration Without e-Residency

It’s possible to register the Estonian company without the e-Residency card. You can travel to Tallinn and visit the Estonian notary in person, or you can give us a power of attorney to represent you at the Estonian notary.

Adding / Removing Shareholders

We help you to add or remove shareholders by representing your company at the Estonian notary or by doing it online through the Estonian company portal or via e-notary. Adding new shareholders is not a complicated process, but you may want to include a shareholder agreement and alter the articles of association of the company. Using the Estonian company portal requires existing e-Residency card.

Obtaining Certified Documents & Other Acts

We help our clients to obtain apostilled/notarized company documents for opening the bank account, assist with the company name change, and help to submit the share capital contribution proof to the company portal.

Virtual Office & Contact Person

All our Zero to Scale subscriptions include a virtual office and contact person service. However, if a client wishes to just obtain the legal address & contact person service with Comistar, it’s possible to do so.

A Radically Better e-Residency Experience

Estonian company and the e-Residency is a great way to start and run your online business. With the Zero to Scale, we’re simplifying the company management even further while helping you to become an expert entrepreneur. Zero to Scale is a gamechanger for e-Residents looking to succeed on a global scale.



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