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This blog post is a short update on some of the things that have occupied our time lately.

First, we’re opening our office in the United States, Los Angeles, in April 2019. There are three people at first who will be running the office – a lawyer, accountant and a sales rep. We will be posting more about this once the LA website is fully ready and we’re up and running! This means we can now help our clients (e-Residents) to navigate in the US markets as well, including tax matters.

Second update is about our website: We’re completely re-designing the website you’re currently visiting and making it more efficient. There’s too much noise with the current website, and we think our clients deserve an easier experience when they come to the site looking for information. And it’s not only our e-residency website, but also our global site that we’re re-doing. Hence, a lot of behind-the-scenes action and can’t wait for results!

Stay tuned for further updates!