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Miniseries: Worse than failure?

It’s a natural tendency for people to not want to fail, as failure by essence is trying and not succeeding. As a consequence, we often decide not to try at all, or try things that are very likely to succeed and do not challenge us. 

That’s why the US has been a mecca for entrepreneurs and startups. Failure isn’t seen as an embarrassing fatal event for entrepreneurs. In Europe, we have a lot to learn from that mindset. 

When our clients are starting with their e-residency companies and are thinking about what they want to achieve, then they usually try to set humble goals, at least on the outset. The best thing you can do is to think bigger. If you say you want to get to 1m € in sales in two years, then you should really be aiming for 10m €.

Bigger goals require different actions. And only thing worse than failure is failing after you settle. There’s nothing worse than that – playing small and still failing. 

As one of our favourite authors Grant Cardone says – 10x your life. Success is your duty.