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Miniseries: What your prospects believe about your service?

We all believe something about different products or services we consume.

We don’t usually think about what we believe about the companies or products around us, but the best of them have carefully crafted these beliefs in our minds.

This is what great marketing does. Great marketing creates beliefs in the minds of prospects. Have you ever asked yourself what do your prospects believe about you, your company, your product, your market, your competitors? Do they think they need that product  to start with, and if they do, then what do they believe about the market or industry where you’re operating in? Do they believe that special skills or know-how is required to deliver a service? 

Once you ask these questions and map-out the belief system of your prospects, you can then write down what they have to believe in order for you to sell your product or service. 

When you know what they have to believe you can create a plan how these beliefs will be installed in their minds. It can be an e-book, content series, branding activities – whatever you find to be the best to get your prospects where you want them to be.