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Miniseries: The shame of wasting money

I recently read a quote that made a lot of sense. It’s something that should resonate with all people who are looking to live a meaningful life and do something useful. 

I don’t remember the exact quote, but it went something like this: people shame / talk badly about people who waste money – whether these are rich people buying something extravagant, a friend buying an expensive watch she can’t afford, or something else. Yet, we barely pay attention to folks wasting something far more valuable – time. 

For me, there are very few things which stress me out more than wasting my time. If I can’t put in a solid amount of productive work every day, it literally affects how I communicate, how I feel back at home and how I work out.

Entrepreneurs have to protect their time at all costs. If you protect your time then you won’t stress when you spend scheduled time with your family, you won’t stress when you work out, or do anything else that you want and have to do. 

However, if you let all sorts of distractions to get you off the course during the work hours, your family and health will be the ones paying the price.