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Miniseries: Taking Ownership

Ownership and accountability is something we talk a lot about during our business advisory sessions. As an entrepreneur, you’re accountable for everything happening in your company. The results, progress, people, failure – everything. 

Regardless, we often find ourselves blaming external events or people when things aren’t going well. This means we’re not taking ownership of the things that are happening in our lives. There’s always someone else who’s at fault. 

You need to change that mindset and take ownership of all the crap that’s around you. 

While this mindset change is under your control and it’s liberating, it’s way more difficult to build a business where your employees take ownership of their work and results. You have to instil this mindset continually and make it one of the most important principles of their working life. 

This means you need to encourage them to fail and not treat failing as a bad thing. If you do, they will look for excuses for their failures, and fail to adopt the right mindset.