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Miniseries: Say “No” often and structure your life carefully to avoid stress

You don’t have to be a “no-man” and miss out on great opportunities, but saying “no” to most things enables you to structure your life in a way that doesn’t make you crazy.

This is essential business advice for entrepreneurs as if you learn it by experience, it means you’re already on a road that will take you to places where you may not recognize yourself anymore.

Saying “yes” to most things in business means you’re ambitious because you say “yes” for a reason. You want to be successful, you want to do more, to be more.

This is where the trouble starts. You take on too many things, not doing any of them properly. Your to-do list mounts up, and the results you’re getting do not align with your ambition. Slowly, but steadily, you’re getting more stressed in time.

Being stressed out, you get angry easily, you’re tense, and not a pleasant person to be around. At this point, it’s seriously affecting your family life, and you may not understand it as you’re always too busy.

If you are lucky and take time to reflect, you realise that this is not the person you want to be. Saying “yes” to too many things does not allow you to structure your life in a way that brings out the best of you.

We all have different sides to us, and the worst version of you is not a one bit similar to the best version of you. But they both exist, and the way you structure your life decides whether it’s the best or worst version of you that will dominate.