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Miniseries: Jumping between projects

As a creative person and an entrepreneur you may have tons of ideas you’d like to pursue at all times. Jumping between projects isn’t productive, so how do you know which ones to pursue and which ones to dismiss? 

First, some ideas you have just aren’t in your industry, and if you don’t know anything about that industry and don’t have any other connection (nor passion) for this particular industry, it’s probably something you shouldn’t pursue. 

However, if the aha-moment is too grand to ignore, you should clearly set boundaries on how much time you will spend on this idea, try to seek council from the people within the industry, and validate the idea as cheaply and quickly as possible. 

If the idea is in the circle of your competence, you have an unique insight to the industry and understand how to solve a particular problem, it makes sense to get your team together and discuss if and how you could validate the idea by committing some resources to it. 

Regardless, the principle remains the same – fail as fast as you can to avoid jumping between different projects. Focus is the key to success.