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Miniseries: Do you know the secret desires of your clients?

Every business owner should know the secret desires of their clients. The whole marketing message should revolve around these desires. 

If someone buys a high-end car, the simple conclusion would be that the person just wanted a new car, and because she has money, she went for the more expensive model. 

While the above is true, there’s more to that. We all have secret desires which motivate us as consumers, and usually we haven’t articulated these desires to ourselves – we are unaware they exist. 

For a luxury car buyer, the secret desire could be a desire to be part of an elite club. Buying luxury car is buying a feeling of success. It shows you have worked hard, you’ve worthy, you earned it. 

To give you a general understanding, here are Schwab’s common desires: 

People want to gain (respect, muscle, money etc)
People want to be (healthy, successful, someone etc)
People want to do (launch a business, save money, etc)
People want to save (time, money, work, etc)
People want to avoid (pain, financial ruin etc)

Sample of a secret desire: 

Save on purchases – >
Build a nest egg – >
Get Passive income – >
Feel more secure (the secret desire)

This topic requires a lot more than just a quick overview, but hopefully we managed to spark some interest in you to go deep, as it can completely change your marketing message and business in general.