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Miniseries: Can you pay to acquire new clients?

Until you can pay for the acquisition of new customers, you don’t really have a business.

If you can’t pay for traffic to acquire new customers, you will forever be reliant on methods you can never control. 

And if you can never control your flow of traffic or customer acquisition you will never have peace of mind, let alone a real business.

Once you can pay 1€ for traffic and turn that into 1€+ of new sales, you can have a lot more control and consistency acquiring new customers.

You can’t do none of the above if you don’t know your numbers. There are too many entrepreneurs who don’t really track and measure their numbers. Do you know the user acquisition cost, the (approximate) life time value, the retention rate, etc in your business? Knowing your numbers allows you to be more creative with your user on-boarding. You may be able to lower the barrier of entry and make no profit on the front-end, if you know that you’re going to make, on average, x amount of money over the whole client relationship.