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Miniseries: Building a sustainable business

Building a sustainable business isn’t about one big client, one big sale, or one successful marketing campaign. It’s small consistent actions every day. 
While some B2B startups do land one large corporation as a client which enables them to grow and sustain at least in the short-term, that’s not how companies usually succeed in the long-term. 

There’s no one big deal waiting for you. Very few entrepreneurs win that lottery. Instead, you’re looking at years of grind and hard work. You will need to do small, but necessary actions every day to improve what you’re doing, to grow your customer base, increase the transaction value and buying frequency. 

Through these small actions your business will become profitable, valuable, and most importantly, sustainable. Profitable and sustainable business will not only serve you, but also your grandchildren. 

While doing the necessary work every day, do not forget to reflect, evaluate and adjust your actions. It’s easy to become comfortable once enough money is coming in. It’s then when you can lose your competitive advantage.

It’s only human to want to have everything now, especially in times of social media, where it seems many people have it all figured out. Most of it is not only fake, but it does you no good to compare yourself with others. It will always push you to seek for that one large deal, and you may forget to do what’s actually required – small consistent actions every day.