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It sounds easy to make money online. And it could become easy, but it is definitely not easy at the beginning. It’s actually a lot harder to make a sale online than most people think.

It’s hard because there’s a lot of competition in almost any industry because it’s so easy to set up your webpage and start selling stuff. Here’s the thing though – the competition mostly exists on a certain level of operations. A large majority of entrepreneurs operate in their comfort zone. If you and me both start our first online business in a concrete niche, and we have similar knowledge of how things are done, and we put in a similar effort, we will get similar results. Just like10 000 other competitors as well.

Here’s the good news – there’s very little competition at the top. It’s because very few of us are willing to push themselves out of the comfort zone, do the extra work, learn what needs to be learned, and operate on a level above the generic crowd. Very few of us become great at something.

Let’s take blogging as an example. You start blogging to show your audience that you’re a legit merchant who knows the industry and puts out informative content. You write 10 articles on a topic and assume that’s enough to establish yourself as an authority.

It’s better than nothing, but in today’s world, it’s simply not sufficient.

Compare it to an entrepreneur who will first research how to do proper SEO. This person optimizes the content, targets specific relevant keywords, and builds the blog in a way that Google likes and will likely rank high in the organic search results at some point in the future.

She then learns the basics of writing a good copy or learns how to design effective landing pages to where she can drive traffic to. She will also learn how to create video sales letters, optimize Google ad campaigns, re-target the website visitors, etc.

She will do these things consistently for the next 5 years. Can you imagine how good this person will be at building online businesses in 5 years time? Which entrepreneur do you think will succeed?

None of these things is convenient. It’s not fun to learn about SEO. It’s not fun to look at Google Analytics dashboard and understanding very little about the metrics you’re seeing and trying to figure out what is useful and what to do with this data. It’s not fun to write in-depth 6000-word blog posts consistently over an extended period of time.

This is why most people will never manage to build successful online businesses. It’s not easy to make a sale online unless you’re willing to study, research, reflect, adjust, and do it all over again – for months and even years.

But as said, this is also where the opportunity lies. If you’re willing to put in that effort, then at some point in the future, making money online becomes easy for you. You will get used to operating on a level of excellence, and your comfort zone will be so good, that there are very few competitors who can compete with you.

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