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Fintech Launchpad

FinTech Launchpad

Estonia is one of the most popular jurisdictions for crypto licenses and for Fintech companies. Comistar has helped many starting and established crypto exchanges and other Fintechs to obtain a license in Estonia, recruit personnel, set up the office and to implement KYC procedures and providing ongoing compliance support. Fintech Launchpad is an incubator for Fintech startups.

Price On Request

  • Crypto licensing documentation
  • Recruiting AML officer and the board member
  • Setting up a local office
  • Assisting with opening IBAN account & share capital contribution
  • Investment funds & investment firms
  • Payment Institutions & E-Money institutions

Licensing Options

Estonian Crypto License

Comistar has helped more than 50 companies to obtain the Estonian crypto license and has worked with some of the biggest crypto exchanges like Bibox and KuCoin. The Estonian cryptocurrency license covers e-wallet providers and crypto exchanges. 

Service & Cost

Investment Funds & Investment Firms

We analyze licensing needs and set up investment firms and investment funds in Estonia.  Licensing requirements depend on the nuances of the planned activities and we request our clients to submit a detailed business plan for licensing analysis.

E-Money & Payment Institutions

E-money and payment institution licensing has been a growing trend in Europe in the last five years. The surge of Fintechs such as TransferWise and Revolut and the open banking initiative has created a strong foundation for Fintechs in the European market.

Other Licenses

Estonia has a number of other business licenses, including but not limited to tour operators, financial institutions, insurance brokers, credit intermediaries, and many more. Get in touch with us to enquire about your specific needs.

Recruiting &
Setting Up Local Office

Most financial licenses require local operations and setting up the local office.

This means you need to have a local person as the board member of the company, and potentially additional requirements depending on the license you’re applying for.

For example, crypto license requires a local board member, whereas E-Money Institutions and Payment Institutions need to have further operations in the country.

At Comistar we are constantly widening our network of people in the Fintech industry, including potential board members as well as AML officers.
We help our clients to recruit the needed people as well as to set up a local office.


As part of our Fintech Launchpad, we’ve built a marketplace for banking.

Fintechs and crypto companies both need either operational bank accounts or banks as partners depending on the service and business. Our goal is to provide the best banking support in the market for all Fintechs and crypto companies.

A Radically Better e-Residency Experience

Comistar Legal provides licensing services for Fintechs and cryptocurrency companies. We’ve helped over 50 companies with licensing matters, have written books about tokenization and crypto industry, as well as developed industry-specific apps like Prospectusapp and BankApply.



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