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This story was first published on our Medium channel.

Imagine you’re sitting in a room. You’re not alone — there are 50 other people in their 20s and 30s. The door opens, and a very old guy enters the room. He’s 90 years old. He’s also very rich, you can sense it from the way he looks and acts. The guy goes to a microphone, which is on a small stage in front of you and introduces himself. The name of the guy is Charles. He definitely looks like Charles.

And then he makes a proposition.

He says he has a machine. A machine which enables him to buy time. And the minimum time he can buy is 10 years. The way transaction works is that you, let’s say you’re 30, will be 40 after the transaction. Charles will be 80 instead of 90. He also gives you and everybody else in the room a blank cheque and says:

“Name your price”.

I have asked this question from my friends and from the audience when giving a talk. There have been no takers. No one, thus far, has been willing to sell 10 years of their life, regardless of the price. Yet, if you asked for (for example) 50 million euros, it would probably be the best financial transaction you’ll ever do. The probability of anyone making 50 million euros in their lifetime is extremely low. Even less in 10 years.

Yet, there are no takers.

We spend a lot of time trying to make way less money than 50 million euros. We spend a lot of time on things that don’t matter, are meaningless or do not benefit us in any way. But we value our time so highly we’re not willing to sell it for any price if such a proposition is made.

Maybe we spend the time at work now to be free to choose how we spend our time later. It’s definitely true for me and many other budding entrepreneurs. Whatever it is or how we articulate or rationalize our actions, it’s clear that time is infinitely more valuable than money.

I can bet you can find many wealthy 70–80-year-old folks who are ready to give everything away to be young again. I don’t think you can find any 20-year-olds who would take money in exchange for being 70–80 years old.

Time is a game with a limited amount of choices, as the time will run up. So the quality of the choices matter. Both in business and personal life.

Father time is way more valuable to me than work time. But when it is work time, I want to surround myself with people who create more time for me. And I want to work with partners who save me time.

Perhaps this is your aspiration in business as well. This means working with people who are focused on solutions, are creative, and are willing to do that extra step to make things happen for you and the business. At Comistar, we’re religious about the way we think about the services we offer. If someone in our team is not solution focused, whatever it means in any given context, they aren’t in the right place.

Almost forgot…

You have not answered yet — would you sell 10 years of your time? And if you would, what would be the price?

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