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Comistar Auctions

Comistar auctions are for e-Residents that would like to use our services on preferential terms. We auction services like company incorporation assistance, virtual office, accounting, business advisory, or Comistar gift cards. This is an experimential feature of Comistar e-Residency platform.

How It Works?

It’s easy to take part of the Comistar auctions. First, you will need to register as an user for the auction platform – it’s really simple and only requires you to provide your e-mail address and a name. As a second step you can already start bidding. The highest bidder wins. Once you win an auction, you can pay the winning price by using Paypal. Only after successful payment you are considered as a winner of the auction and are eligible for the won service(s). Before check-out, you can also read the won service agreements.

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